Just a few words:

I came to art fairly late I think and since I was coming from the world of stone fabrication it was only natural that my earliest influences were stone sculptors. Of course you can’t talk about stone sculpture without talking about Noguchi but I was also taken with the work of Barbara Hepworth. The work of these artists fueled my desire to start making art but it was a visit to Dia:Beacon in 2004 that changed my life. I loved everything about that experience from the architecture, to the gardens, to the huge galleries displaying some of the most incredible work I had ever seen. Judd, Irwin, Sandback, Heizer, Smithson, Richter, come on! The Kool-Aid was poured, I guzzled it down and I was hooked! The impact of that experience cannot be overstated as it turned me from an art dabbler into a staunch believer in the power of Art. Afterwards, I wanted to and tried to make work like that but I was only in a sense copying what I had seen. It took a period of time and some maturity to recognize that the eye-opening experience of that museum visit had also naturally expanded my field of vision. Suddenly I was becoming aware of and began to love all sorts of other art and artists that I may have dismissed or had not been interested in before and the best part was that my work began to grow as a result! Today, I am still working with the aspects of the work that I recognized made the strongest impression on me back in 2004; essence and abstraction, but I’m doing it in my own way, within my own point of view and with a little humor or at least light-heartedness woven in. Also, as evidenced by my new two dimensional work with shipping pallets I’m not afraid to try new things or new approaches as it helps satisfy my more mercurial side. I’m generally a pretty calm and even-keel kind of person but for some reason my art mind is very restless and I need new challenges so I’m always learning and always pushing. I hope you enjoy!